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7th June 2023
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Would you like to influence the key decision makers
in the Local Authority Pension Fund market?

The Pension Funds Performance Guide — Local Authority Edition is the only annual reference to analyse and compare the performance of all UK local authority pension funds and their advisers. The standard of information is exemplary.

Local authorities update their pension fund figures themselves on in exchange for valuable on-line benchmarking data and copies of the annual book. This trade creates both the most up-to-date information currently available, and an excellent advertising medium for service providers.

All local authorities receive online access and multiple copies of the guide, thus guaranteeing the ideal target market for pension fund advisers. Our research shows that the local authority employees taking this data are normally the key decision makers of fund adviser beauty parades and selection, i.e. investment panel members, Finance Directors, etc.

Cost-effective advertising rates for and The Pension Funds Performance Guide are here.

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